Bigger is not Always Better

“Unlike many other firms that don’t really understand the technology, I found HLG to be very knowledgeable about the technology and the ability to pick up things very quickly. Our interactions typically started with HLG’s review of the patent background material and a top-level discussion to fill in any background and talk about what I thought should be claimed. HLG then took this and created some impressive claim language that bracketed the ideas. They quickly understood my concerns and addressed them. I highly recommend HLG as one of the most talented firms in the business.”

—Mike, Vice President, Processing Solutions
at Rambus

Being significant doesn’t necessarily mean being big. Significance implies importance, and being of consequence. Some of our clients are large and recognizable. Others are highly specialized, like us.

Each and every client we serve is significant, and were accepted because they provided HLG with a challenge, and an opportunity for us to contribute as a partner towards their success as a business.