What Our Clients Say

 “Unlike many other firms that don’t really understand the technology, I found HLG to be very knowledgeable about the technology and the ability to pick up things very quickly. Our interactions typically started with HLG’s review of the patent background material and a top-level discussion to fill in any background and talk about what I thought should be claimed. HLG then took this and created some impressive claim language that bracketed the ideas. They quickly understood my concerns and addressed them. I highly recommend HLG as one of the most talented firms in the business.”

—Mike, Vice President, Processing Solutions at Rambus

 “HLG has provided various patent services for us over the years. The results have been outstanding. HLG has been key to numerous allowed patents and excellent broad patent claims. HLG is a pleasure to work with and always delivers quality work in a timely fashion. I highly recommend their services.”

—William, Chief Technology Officer, Sally Ride Science

“I’ve worked with a number of patent attorneys over the years, and the quality produced by HLG, their strategic thinking, ability to understand the invention and to minimize the work required by the company to have a patent portfolio really stands out. Further, HLG has impeccable integrity. I recommend HLG to all of my start-ups, investments and clients.”

—Daniel, Keystone/Catalyst

 “Jim was the primary patent attorney for my development groups for most of my years at Dell Computer. He worked well with all my engineers which included chip design, system design, mechanical design and software. I give him my highest recommendation.”

—George, Owner, ERG Management, LLC

“I first became aware of HLG through their work products. I was licensing a portfolio of patents, and found one series that was a particularly well-constructed picket fence. HLG was the author of that series. After licensing the portfolio, I hired HLG to do our patent work. They are exceptionally skilled, not just at drafting, but at strategy and in delivering substantial value on a limited budget. I highly recommend HLG.”

—Jeff, Chairman, Posit Science Corporation

 “I have had the pleasure of working with Jim off and on for the past 15 years or so. Jim is an outstanding patent attorney who performs the highest quality work for his clients. He is very detail oriented, well versed in the law, and very knowledgeable in the electrical arts. I highly recommend Jim for any patent related services.”

—Jeff, Shareholder at MHKKG

 “HLG creates top-notch patent work at a very fair price. HLG is easy to work with and always willing/able to help out in any way when needed. Patent work, litigation support, informal and formal opinions are all part of a normal day’s work. If you want great patents that will win in litigation, HLG is the firm to call.”

—Tom, President, Retarius IP Services Inc.