To design, develop, and maintain superior patent portfolios for selected clients, primarily from cutting edge electronics and computer sectors

80+ years cumulative IP experience. We have prepared and prosecuted over 6000 patent applications

All practitioners have at least one post graduate degree


Our client’s patents have been enforced
against, licensed by, or sold to:
Texas Instruments, Apple Computer
(twice), Microsoft (twice), Intel, AMD,
and the University of California

60+ years cumulative R&D experience (Hewlett Packard, British Aerospace, US Department of Defense, Bell Labs, Dell Computer, Texas Instruments)

HLG Values

‣ By Design – Boutique Patent Prosecution

‣ Technologically Strong (50+ years of design experience)

‣ Work Product Excellence

‣ State-of-the-art in house technology, paperless, cloud-based systems

‣ Client selection based on skill challenge

‣ Quality and Integrity are PRIMARY